We are small workshop producing clothes and accessories from natural fabrics.

The composition. This is the first thing we pay attention to when creating our collection. That is why we attach so much importance to obtaining right fabrics. From woven and knitted fabrics to tailoring accessories, labels and packaging, it’s all eco-friendly

In our collection you will find products made of 100%  fabrics and knitwear of not only natural origin (linen, organic cotton), but also these materials were produced in Poland. We want all semi-finished products from which our clothes and accessories to have the smallest possible carbon footprint, which is why we focus on Polish products. Thanks to this, we reduce the carbon footprint in production, and our products are completely biodegradable, although we hope that you will never get bored and they will serve you for years. And this is thanks to the highest quality materials and high-quality sewing, which is also carried out in a Polish workshop.

And if something is left after production, we create accessories such as masks, hair bands and eye masks. Of course, we have many ideas, so we will not stop there.

But we cannot forget about design which is very important. Of course, we also think about it, and if we are not looking for the right fabrics, we working on our  design so that our collection will catch your eye, and at the same time will be trendy, comfortable and chic. Simply suitable for years against changing trends.

As a result, you get a product that you can enjoy for years, but also product which was made with love to Earth